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How It All Works Together

TMG Benefits Solutions

HR Consulting - An independent, objective analysis of your HR program focused on optimizing your HR expenditures, including:

  • Contract analysis
  • Plan design
  • HR cost containment
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Risk management
  • Cost recovery integration

Value: 18 years HR experience to integrate new technologies and products that will reduce your overall costs of employee benefits and HR management.

A true group insurance plan that reduces the cost of employee benefits.

  • Provides 95% of the needed services of a major medical plan.
  • An affordable alternative to expensive major medical plans.
  • Employer can contribute some, all or none of the premium.
  • Guaranteed issue with no health questions.
  • Requires little administration--employees enroll online or by phone.
  • Available as a supplement for groups with high deductible plans.
  • Meets the requirements for tax credit redemptions.

Value: Reduces benefits costs while providing primary health services.

To start the process we offer a no cost analysis of your current HR program to determine the total positive dollar impact this program will create for your business.