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Tax Credit Services

The Meridian Groups can now help you offset part of your human resources costs by lowering your insurance and administrative burden by helping you identify federal and state tax credits available for people and technology you use every day. The Meridian Group will help you tap a new revenue stream to turn your HR department into a revenue source!

The Meridian Group Tax Credit Fulfillment Services

Did you know only 1%-5% of eligible businesses exercise their rights to tax credits? Did you know that there are 31 tax credits State (Georgia) and 28 Federal tax credits available to eligible businesses? And did you know the reason most of these tax credits go unclaimed is because complying with these programs is too time consuming, costly and complex? This is where we prove our value. We leverage these tax credits to maximize your business processes for profitability and proactively and retroactively create cash flow opportunities by providing free guidance for these tax credit programs.

What does this mean for your business? Let’s look at one of the 58 credits.

Technology Retraining Tax Credit

Up to 50% of all expenses of training for software use and maintenance can be claimed as technology retraining tax credits. This includes travel, class costs, per diem expense, lodging, travel costs, new equipment costs (laptops, projectors) employee wages and other company investments in training. This means that 50% of the implementation and training costs for your product or service can be covered for FREE for your business. There are an additional 57 tax credits that can be analyzed that you may be eligible. A substantial number of those credits are tied to how you run your HR Department. This is why The Meridian Group is offering a FREE analysis of your HR Program. We do this so that you will know that the best practices of HR are also the best way to maximize your company profits.

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