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Tax Credits FAQ

Q: Are staff IT training costs eligible for a 50% tax credit?

A: Your in-house training IS valid for tax credit redemption. Please call and we can explain why.

Q: If only hire one or two people during a 12 month period can I claim nay tax credits for those hires?

A: One or two new hires can be a tax creditable activity. There are other factor that will determine if there are monies for your company. Call us and we help you analyze this opportunity.

Q: What will it cost my company to determine if monies are available through these State and Federal tax credit programs?

A: The cost of the review for tax credits is done for FREE by our company- there are no fees to your company until the tax credits are redeemed.

Q: Why hasn’t my CPA or tax professional told me about these credits?

A: Tax credits are not linked to the IRS or accounting process. For this reason most accountants and tax professionals are not aware of these incentives and are not trained to redeem the monies found in these programs. In many instances we are referred by accounting firms to their clients. This is why Synovus, McDonald's, Flag Bank and 200 other companies use our tax credit redemption service.