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The Meridian Group Web Portal

Managing your company employee benefits just got easier.

Imagine if your company had a private and secure website where your HR Manager and your employees could access and review all of their benefits information at a single location. It does and it’s called the TMG Portal.

All benefit information like census data, plan selections, enrollment, EOB, company policies and key legal forms and more are now in one location. They can now be easily accessed year around, anytime, anywhere, giving your employees what they need when they need it.

The TMG Portal is an:

  • Organizational tool - helps recruit and retain the best employees by providing a professional employee benefits website. Cost reduction tool- Reduces the cost of HR management with a 24/7 resource for employees to access the information they need.
  • Employee communication tool - where all benefits, compensation information , company policies, procedures and other information is available in a simple and professional communication environment.
  • Employee Retention Tool - Increases employee knowledge of total compensation and understanding of benefits plans drives employee retention.

It’s ALL in the TMG Portal!

  • When an employee needs to find a physician - it’s in the TMG Portal.
  • When you need to complete the paperwork for a new hire - it’s in the TMG Portal.
  • Can’t find enrollment forms - it’s in the TMG Portal.
  • When you need to complete forms for out of state employees - It’s in the TMG Portal.

TMG Portal Demo

Everything you need to effectively manage your company’s HR Needs is on the TMG Portal. To find out more take a brief tour of the TMG Portal. Use the following login and password for access:

  • Login -
  • Password - benefits1

What can this mean for your company? Take a minute to view this quick cost savings analysis.

Contact us to learn more about how the TMG Portal can help your company become more profitable.